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The Northern Territory is an exciting and exotic place, even for Australians. However, there are hazards that are magnified here that all visitors should make themselves aware of.

Please take the following advice:

  • always carry plenty of drinking water – you will need around 2 litres per person for every hour of outdoor activity
  • always wear a wide-brimmed hat outdoors and apply plenty of highly-rated sunscreen to all exposed skin
  • always use an insect repellent to avoid the possibility of mosquito-borne diseases
  • always ask advice about where to swim – generally it's safe but you need to be aware of possible dangers
  • always respect the local wildlife – generally if you leave it alone and observe from a distance it won't harm you
  • always inform appropriate authorities (park rangers, police, tourism operators) if you're planning to do any unscheduled or individual activity
  • always clean fish away from creek and riverbanks to avoid the attention of crocodiles

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