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Mindil Beach, along with Vestey's a bit further north, are Darwin's most popular for swimming. However, beware the presence of box jellyfish (marine stingers or sea wasps) (Chironex fleckeri) during summer. Stings from the long tentacles of this venomous creature can be fatal. They are transparent and difficult to see in the water, so check with local authorities as to the safety of the sea. The beaches are generally safe during the Dry. Nightcliff Beach, on the northern side of Beagle Gulf, has a stinger net protecting part of the beach. If nudism is your thing, 7km of Casuarina Beach have been designated 'clothes optional'.

Saltwater crocodiles are unlikely to attack on suburban beaches, but this is not unknown, so exercise extreme care. Again, check first with authorities. The 'salties' will sometimes cruise the coast, but are probably on their way to the freshwater creeks in the mangroves. Again, care must be taken when fishing in these creeks. A good way to see crocodiles safely is at Adelaide River, where the handlers dangle meat on the end of poles for the crocs to jump up and grab.

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